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16 Modes EMS Body Therapy

16 Modes EMS Body Therapy

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16 Choices
16 stimulation modes, you can choose between a diverse range from knocking, kneading, shiatsu and more. 16 massage techniques help to relieve pain, including shoulder, waist, back, buttocks, etc. (Pressing the "M" button to change the mode).
Adjustable Schedule Timer& Intensity
Create a scheduled timer from 10-60min by pressing the "T" button. And, the unit will automatically shut-off when the time is up. Also, there are 10 intensity levels, easy to adjust by pressing the "+/-" button to increase or decrease the intensity.
2 Outputs
2 outputs are isolated and has the same power, allow 2 sets of pads to be applied to the different areas at the same time. Also, you can share with your friends or family members to have a fantastic massage experiences together.
Compact size(9.5x5.0cm)and lightweight (only 52g) design, easy to carry, you can use it conveniently anywhere and anytime.
Easy-to-view LCD Display:
The LCD display with backlight provides better viewing at day or night. And, the battery indicator will flash when it need to recharge battery.
1. Connect the pads to the wire by snapping them on, then remove the protective film.
2. Place pads where the massage sensations are desired. And plug into one of the ports on the devices.You can plug two wires at the same time. Each wire can connect with two pads. One pad is the anode, the other is the cathode. So if you only plug one wire, you should MAKE SURE THAT TWO PADS CONNECTED WITH THE WIRE ARE PLACED ON YOUR SKIN TOGETHER so that the unit can work properly.
3.Turn the device on by sliding the on/off switch on the top of the unit. The unit will be activated.
4.Press the mode button to try different mode.
5.Once you selected a mode, gradually increase the intensity by pressing the "+' button, decrease the "-" button.(Note: Press central button to change different channels)
16 Modes:
1. Lateral Palm Kneading Massage
2. Flat Palm Kneading Massage
3. Crosscut Fist Kneading Massage
4. Vertical Fist Kneading Massage
5. Acupuncture
6. Moxibustion
7. Acupuncture Kneading Massage
8. Rubbing Reduction
9. Shiatsu
10. Fibrillation Massage
11. Lifting-pinching Manipulation
12. Vibrating Manipulation
13. Foot Reflexology
14. Footplate Massage
15. Ear Press-Kneading
16. Ear Lifting-pinching Manipulation
Package List:
1 * Tens Control Unit Device
2 * Extra large
2 * Large Pad
2 * Small Pad
2 * Electric Wire
1 * USB Cable & Adapter
1 * Acupuncture Point Chart
1 * English Instruction Manual

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