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EMS Hip & Abdominal Trainer

EMS Hip & Abdominal Trainer

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What is a low-frequency Treatment?

Low frequency is a type of electricity and has regular thythm and stops. The body will do all types of movement with rhythm according to the proper power and speed acted on the body by the low,to relieving fatigue and dissolution stress
1.Relieving symptom for tighten shoulder, waist and back
2.Betterment of muscular paralysis 
3.Massage effect
4.Betterment of diet


Product name:Super Big Butterfly

Volgtage:Alkaine 1.5V AAA*2EA

Using mode:A-F(6 mode)


Working time:12 minutes(per installation

Output:maximun 9.8mA

1. Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles
2. Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core with strengthening muscle contractions
3. Easy push-button operation with 6 modes. 
4. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology
5. 1 days 1 times, every 30 minutes of training, Exercise and tight muscles. 
6. Using the original training pulse with the frequency of specific current
7. Design the training method of effective exercise muscles

EMS microelectronics technology
7 days a week, 20 minutes per day
Use 1~2 weeks, the skin of the buttocks is obviously firm and the plasticity is improved.
Stick to 4 weeks, the hip fat is significantly reduced
After 6 weeks of use, the contours of the user's buttocks have changed significantly, achieving a sexy winged hip and a charming curve.

EMS intelligent shaping system
Using battery
Enjoy slimming

Color for pad: Black
Auto programs: Scraping, Massage,Acupuncture, tapping, combination.
Power by: AAA battery(not include)

How to use the Pad
1) Always wash the area of your body where you intend to use the adhesive gel pads 
2) Pull the pads off the vinyl cover by gripping the pads 
3) Attach the other adhesive gel pad to a desired part of the body(arms, shoulders, etc.)
1.Don't attach it with "power on", because for shocking.
2.Don't touch attach side of adhesive pad, it make decreasing using time.
3.turn off power after using,attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder
4.The dirty point should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again.

Package Include:(A.B.C.D.E.F for chosen)
A:Horn-shaped EMS Abdominal Patch
B:Horn-shaped Arm Sticker
C:Abdominal Patch
D:Arm Sticker
E:Hip sticker
F:Electrode Sheet 20P

1* Usermanual 

1. If you want to change the position of the electrode pads, please shutdown this massager then operate it. 
2.  Don't use it in the sleep state. 
3. Stick the patch on the protective film in time after use.
4. Please take out the batteries if you haven't use this massager for a long time. 
5. Wipe the massage area clean before massage.
6. Apply all of patches to the same person's skin at the same time.  otherwise massage couldn't work
Prohibition to person who are using medical treatment like below:
The pulse adjustment machine is for medical treatment by electronic and etc that insert into body.
The artificial heart is for medicial tre atment by electronic and ete that ma intains living.
An electrocardiograph is for medical treatment by electronic machine and etc that are by paste.
Causing mistake action is danger by pos sibility.

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