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Foldable Makeup Mirror with LED Light 2X/3X Magnifying 360° Adjustable

Foldable Makeup Mirror with LED Light 2X/3X Magnifying 360° Adjustable

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Main features of the folding mirror:

- Long press the power button to adjust the brightness.

- Upgraded LED HD Makeup Mirror

- 95% daylight similarity, light brightness up to 900LUX.

- 4K high-definition mirror, clear makeup without color difference.

- 3 tone light, white light, natural light, warm light.

- 2X/3X magnifying mirror, the details are fully displayed.

- Three-fold opening and closing design, dust-proof and dust-proof, easy to store and easy to carry.

- The large 2000mAh battery can be used for a week on a single charge.

- 360° adjustable, display yourself in all directions from multiple angles.

HD silver plated mirror

Clear makeup without color difference

Silver-plated large mirror surface, 1:1 true restoration of human face

Right plane mirror, auxiliary side face makeup

Triple/double magnifying glass, designed for different makeup parts

Multiple magnification of details, eye makeup and lip makeup, easy makeup

Stepless dimming, the brightness can be controlled at will.

Say goodbye to traditional 3-speed dimming, light touch switch lights

Switch the light source.

Please note: Long press the switch key to adjust the brightness of the light.

The light source is 95% similar to sunlight, and there is no color difference in makeup.

No polarized light, no color cast

Restore the true color of makeup

72 ring lamp beads

Evenly illuminated with soft lighting.

360° ring light, high color rendering, 38 cold and warm lamp beads each

Soft lighting, even makeup without shadows

2000mAh large capacity, only charge once a week.

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